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Thursday, December 8SOCIAL MEDIA

What’s cooking between Mysskin and Vishal?

A few days after actor-producer Vishal announced that Mysskin has been axed as a filmmaker from his movie Thupparivalan 2 and that he would wield the megaphone, Mysskin has launched a tirade against Vishal.

Speaking at a film event in Chennai, he claimed that he wrote the film to help Vishal overcome his debts. ‘I already had a producer who was ready to fund the movie. He had even given me an advance. But, Vishal himself insisted on producing it,’ said Mysskin. The filmmaker even went on to say that Vishal used foul language against him, and physically assaulted his brother, adding that the fight was far from over.

‘Vishal, the worst is yet to come to you. You can’t sleep at night from now on. If you think you are being righteous, let’s go to war,’ he said. Remember Vishal alleged that Mysskin inflated the budget of the movie and posed some impossible conditions to continue directing Thupparivalan 2.

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