‘Hayyoda,’ a song by musical genius Anirudh, with soul-stirring vocals by Anirudh & Priya Mali. Shah Rukh Khan, who has given us some of the most enchanting and soulful songs, once again displays his eternal magic in the song. With the King of Romance himself, this poignant melody heralds the victorious comeback of romance.

Shah Rukh Khan and Nayanthara are paired together for the first time, and their newfound chemistry enlivens the screen. The emotional lyrics were written by the incredibly well-known writer Vivek, who has a run of recent hits to his credit. The song was choreographed by the incomparable Farah Khan, whose unique style lends it grace and elegance.

As Nayanthara’s magnificent voice is masterfully performed by Priya Mali, Anirudh’s passionate rendering lends an additional layer of intensity to SRK’s portrayal of love. The song expresses the core of one’s innermost desires and honors the strength of love in its purest form.

Red Chillies Entertainment’s “Jawan” is a production with Atlee as the director, Gauri Khan as the producer, and Gaurav Verma as a co-producer. On September 7, 2023, the movie will be screened in theaters all around the world in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.