'Two barbers I met in my life influenced me to write script for Savarakkathi' – Director Mysskin

Director Mysskin in Savarakathi Movie

Director Mysskin has been illustriously identified as a filmmaker of unconventional genres. But to see him write a humorous script is something phenomenal to our senses. But Mysskin clarifies jocularly saying, "Basically I am a humorous person, but it gets eclipsed due to my irony. Having written many scripts that are intense, I wanted to change my route and this is when I wrote this film."

Just as it is said, posters tell the story and more with trailers, we get ourselves self-affirmed that it's a character-driven story. One character laden with irrational lies and one confined to domain of extreme anger. What actually could have inspired Mysskin to conceptualize such characters? "I must say Pichai is influenced by couple of barbers I have met in my life. During my childhood, my father used to take me for haircut, where I used to a barber who would keep taking different sides unceasingly as customers keep sharing their opinions. This is because, their maximum time inside the barber shop would be 10-15 minutes and so he would 'Yes' to all their views. Then when I came to Chennai, I used to visit a barber shop with my friends. We used to tell him how a particular boy from that Door No. 13 house behaves odd. He would tell us back that one day he would definitely give a slight slit to his ears. But the truth is that actually the boy didn't exist and there was never a house with Door No. 13."

He furthermore adds that everyone sticks to lies for no reason. Although, saying lies doesn't result in devastating conditions, we keep it as a ritualistic practice.

Then on the other end of premise, we would see Manga, who is so much possessed with anger and the entire story is about what happens when a man of lies and anger bounce upon each other.

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Published on: 08 Feb 2018

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